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Do You Want A Ridiculous Number of Home Buying Leads This Year?

Find Out How You Can Leverage Marketing Automation To Generate Hundreds of Pre-Qualified Real Estate Leads In Just 90 Days

Imagine Opening Your Inbox To 2 - 3 Pre-Qualified Leads Every Morning...

See our system in action!

What does our Automated Real Estate Lead Generation System Do? Watch this video to get a quick glimpse of how we leverage social media to help you build your business.

How Our System Scales Your Business In Just 90 Days

Lets face it, if you want to sustain or grow your business, you need to be in front of prospects 24/7. Our system helps you generate pre-qualified home buyer or seller leads in just 90 days. Say good bye to cold-calling and leaning on friends - and hello to marketing automation.


Launch Campaign

We will do all of the set up and get your campaign ready (Free). All you need to do is tell us is your budget and how many leads you want.


Find & Qualify

We have a set of questions that each prospect must answer in order to qualify. We can also incorporate your questions into our work flow.


Nurture & Meet

We then go through a nurturing sequence to build trust and establish an exchange between you and the prospective buyer.

90 Day Trial Starts Here - Don't Delay Because We Can Only Take 2 or 3 Realtors In A Specific Region.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Lion Real Estate Marketing we believe that we can help you build a profitable and sustainable Real Estate Business simply by generating ways that you can get in front of more prospects.  Try it out for 90 days  - we are confident you will be more than satisfied.

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